Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Crazy Eight for Authors: Jaclyn E. Brod, author of THE DESCENDANTS

Welcome to Crazy Eight for Authors
This is where I ask fellow authors eight goofy questions about themselves. Because why not?

The questions are:

  1. If your life was a TV show, which one would it be?
  2. If you could choose a writing nickname, what would it be?
  3. What was the most unexpected reply you received after you told people you’re an author?
  4. How many characters have you injured or killed, and how.
  5. If you couldn’t be an author, what would you be?
  6. If you could live in one of your books, which one would it be and why?
  7. What has been the most death-defying thing you’ve done?
  8. What is the oddest dish you’ve ever eaten?

  Today's guest is Jaclyn E. Brod,
(release date: February 2nd)

 1: If my life was a TV show it would be once upon a time, I love anything that’s fairytale.
2: If I could choose a writing nickname it would be, Jackie B – That’s my original nick name bt if find that it has a spin to it.
3: The most unexpected reply I have ever received after I have told people I’m an author, is oh, so you don’t have a job? Honestly, who says that? Haha.
4: How many characters have I injured or killed? Well, I’m working on a series right now where three people will die, and most of them are killed by each other or their possible significant other. (I know I’m evil haha)
5: I have never really thought about what I would be if I couldn’t be an author, but I’m going to school for Medical billing at the moment for a background, so I guess medical billing.
6: If I could live in any of my books, it would be the one I’m working on now, the technology is greater than what we have now, and I would love to play in my main villains shoes for a day.
7: hmm… The most death defying thing I have ever done? That’s a good question, I haven’t really done anything death defying other than write for the world to see, I’m more of a play it safe kind of person.
8: I get told that the oddest thing I’ve ever eaten is wavy chips with mild dip, it’s my favorite snack, and Pepsi is my favorite drink! 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Cover Reveal Day: Kingdom of the Faeries: Edenhart's Rivalry by J.N. Tomczak

Cover Reveal Day!

Kingdom of the Faeries: Edenhart's Rivalry
 J.N. Tomczak

Publisher: Clean Reads
Genre: YA/Fantasy
Release Date: Feb. 11th, 2016


A dark power is rising, and a kingdom is in dire need of a leader when the King of the Faeries falls in battle.  Or so, that’s what they’re led to believe, but his only heir and daughter, Aurora, suspects murder.

But when she and her loyal friend Percy, the Captain of the Elite Guard, discover an ancient prophecy foretold by the enigmatic Faerie Sorcerers, Aurora finds herself an unwilling pawn in a dark plot that will threaten everything she holds dear.

Her courage and magic will be her greatest weapons if she hopes to succeed where all others have failed.  But will she?  Aurora must ask herself this very question: just how far is she willing to go to save her kingdom, and at what costs?

Author Bio: 

Julianne grew up on a small farm in central Arkansas and now lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband.  When not writing, Julianne loves playing video games, listening to music, hiking, and binge-watching Falling Skies while eating non-nutritional food.

Author Links: 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Crazy Eight for Authors: Heather Gray, author of An Informal Arrangement

 Welcome to Crazy Eight for Authors
This is where I ask fellow authors eight goofy questions about themselves. Because why not?

  Today's guest is Heather Gray, 
author of An Informal Arrangement

                        She has emotional wounds. He has physical ones. Faith doesn’t come easy for either.

Holden Jenkins receives a diagnosis that alters the course of his life. His slow recovery is pockmarked with discouragement and puts his future in question. Will he ever again walk without pain? Or be well enough to return home?

A heart-rending day in the ICU leaves nurse Maddie Smith hurting in more ways than she can identify. In need of a change — and drawn to a man she barely knows — she goes on sabbatical and takes up the fight to get Holden back on his feet.

As he searches for his identity in the midst of this new life, Holden struggles with a deep hurt. Why would God allow this? Meanwhile Maddie, shaped by her own emotional scars, battles against an unseen God she’s not sure she can believe in. Will these two be able to find peace — and a future together — or will the difficulties they face push them apart?

Pick up your copy here:  Amazon.com

Author Bio:
Heather Gray loves coffee, God, and her family – not necessarily in that order! She enjoys people who embrace God even when life is hard and who aren't afraid to laugh out loud. Like her, the characters she writes are flawed…but loved anyway.

Social Media Links:

And now to the questions - take it away, Heather!

  1. If your life was a TV show, which one would it be?
    1. Fawlty Towers.  I live in that world where, if something can possibly go wrong, it will – and usually in spectacular fashion!
  2. If you could choose a writing nickname, what would it be?
    1. Boxer.  Call me Boxer.  I try to take my characters outside the box a bit – not so far that nobody will want to read my stories, but far enough that they have to think a little.
  3. What was the most unexpected reply you received after you told people you’re an author?
    1. I write Christian romance, but a lot of the time when people hear “romance” they think steamy, and their minds can’t quite process the “Christian” part of my answer.  I’ve gotten the “You write romance?” shocked answer.  It’s usually accompanied with wide eyes.  Or – here’s one of my favorites – “So, heaving bosoms and all that?”
  4. How many characters have you injured or killed, and how.
    1. Oh… Um… Someone gets shot in Mail Order Man.  Someone dies in Just Dessert.  Someone gets shot in Redemption.  Someone gets badly beaten and later shot multiple times in Jackal (but survives), and there’s a minor character who is shot through the eye socket, plus another character that ends up on the receiving end of a couple of well-placed bullets.  In Queen, a couple of people get kicked around and beaten up a bit (one is being held captive, the other is an sort-of innocent passer-by).  Hm.  It appears that I hurt characters more than I realized.  I’m not sure what that says about me…
  5. If you couldn’t be an author, what would you be?
    1. If the sky’s the limit, I’d be a motivational speaker.  Since my realistic limit (and my inability to make small talk) is a bit lower than the sky, I’d probably be an editor.  I would do something that allows me to encourage others and help them realize their own potential.
  6. If you could live in one of your books, which one would it be and why?
    1. Agh!  That’s too hard!  Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… Okay, okay.  I’d go with Nowhere for Christmas.  A mom, her teenage son, a handsome stranger, and the worst road trip ever.  (This is even funnier when you read my answer to #7!)
  7. What has been the most death-defying thing you’ve done?
    1. We moved from Idaho to Virginia in 2009.  I told all my friends back in Idaho that I’d developed a new appreciation for life.  Why?  Because every time I got into a vehicle, I saw my entire life flash before my eyes.  You can laugh, but go go ahead and drive in the Northern Virginia/Washing DC traffic.  You’ll understand then.  You won’t be able to mock me anymore… J  (My second most death-defying adventure also involves driving, but in another state.  I’m beginning to think there might be a theme here…)
  8.  What is the oddest dish you’ve ever eaten?
    1. Yeah…that would be turkey testicles.  Only, I was told they were sausage.  It wasn’t until my nephew stood up at the breakfast table and yelled into the kitchen, “Mom! Are these the turkey balls!?” that the peculiar taste finally made sense.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Newest Venture: Stone's Heart

Two weeks ago, I signed a publishing contract with Clean Reads Books. They'll be releasing my inspirational contemporary cowboy story, STONE'S HEART, sometime this coming spring. For several years, I wanted to write about cowboys and plucky heroines and the power of Divine intervention, as well as horses and the beauty of western Colorado, so I did.

And STONE'S HEART was the result.

Back jacket:
No way, blue jay, and never again. That’s the vow Linney Van Horn has made regarding single dads and their adorable children. After all, that’s why she’s tucked tail and hauled herself and her beloved Arabian horse clear across the country from New Jersey to the small town of Venture, Colorado. To mend her bruised heart—and ego—and start over.

However, the good Lord has a different “do-over” in mind for Linney. She finds herself living next door to Stonewall “Stone” Wheeler, the frustratingly stubborn, but oh, so ruggedly handsome farrier, and his seven-year-old son, Beau.

A widower, Stone has buried himself in his work to avoid the grief of losing his wife. Determined to grow his horse-shoeing business and raise his child, falling in love is the last thing on his mind. Until an equally stubborn—but pretty as a daisy—teacher moves into the cottage besides his, and charms both him and his son.

Divine intervention. Yup, it’s a beautiful thing.

It’s going to take one adorable little boy, a pair of spirited horses, and a near-fatal accident to convince Linney and Stone a second chance at a Grace-filled forever is theirs for the asking.

“After what happened,” Stone said, “my legs were as wobbly as a newborn colt’s. Thought I was going to plant my rump in the mud after I dismounted.”
“Where’s that legendary cowboy stoicism?” Linney asked.
“I think I lost it with my hat.” He glanced over and flashed a crooked grin.
She forced a smile back, ignoring the twinge in her heart. Friends. We can be friends, but nothing more.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Unholy Blue by Darby Kaye

 What reviewers are saying about UNHOLY BLUE:

"UNHOLY BLUE is the author's second foray into the adult section of the bookstore. I hate/love to say it, but the second time was better than the first. Don't get me wrong. I loved THE STAG LORD (book one) a lot. Hated the ending A LOT, but loved the book A LOT. (Go read the book, and you will understand."
-- The Literati Press

"Fans of urban fantasy will enjoy this story and be eager for more."  -- Inside of a Dog

"UNHOLY BLUE is a triumph on every damn level and there is no other way to cut it.  The writing is polished and tight, the characters are so freaking real you can damn-near reach out and touch them, and the plot is just complicated enough to be surprising yet not so much that it becomes convoluted.  I dare you to try and find something wrong with this read." 
 -- Rolopolobookblog

"There is betrayal, a great battle, jealousy and laughter. What more can you ask of a book?"
-- Mavel's Ramblings

"UNHOLY BLUE is a wonderful addition to the exciting story of Bannerman Boru.  The Celtic mythology and sizzling romance has this reader begging for more and willing to drop everything for another visit with these enchanting characters!  Faugh a Ballagh!"  -- A Belle's Tale

"Shay, Bann and Cor are on my top ten list of favorite characters. I can't wait to read more about them."
-- Booklady's Booknotes