Saturday, February 28, 2015

Coming this Wedneday

Yes, something pretty nifty is happening on Wednesday. 
Stay tuned, lordlings and shield maidens...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


My Irish lads have been busy, for I've two cover reveals coming up!

One is for the next Finn Finnegan book, entitled THE BURNT BONES.
The other cover reveal is for UNHOLY BLUE, the sequel to THE STAG LORD.

If you would like to help out with either (or both) reveals, just leave me your email address in the comments, or PM me at

THE BURNT BONES - cover reveal scheduled for Tuesday, March 17th (St. Patrick's Day, ye ken?)
UNHOLY BLUE - cover reveal scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th.

Thanks for being part of all this Celtic craziness! 
And curious about the covers? Well, this picture has something to do with THE BURNT BONES.

That's all I can say for now...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Latest Reads

My weekend haul of books! I know - such riches! What did you get?

Becky Clark's latest novel, Marshmllow Mayhem
In this sequel to BANANA BAMBOOZLE, all Cassidy Dunne wants is a road trip to bond with her niece and some gooey campfire s’mores. What she gets is an extra serving of mayhem — marijuana brownies, creepy locals, an ardent admirer, a precocious canine cohort, and a dead body. Driving an RV from California to Colorado in winter poses plenty of challenges, some of which can be solved, at least temporarily, by her secret stash of candy. But nothing can sugarcoat the clues pointing to her involvement in the murder.

The Great Timelock Disaster (the sequel to Alligators Overhead) by C. Lee McKenzie
A young wizard accidentally opens a time lock and he and his bookish friend are swept into Victorian England, where they will be trapped forever if that wizard-in-training can’t find a way to reverse his bad spell by the next full moon.

The Colossus Rises by Peter Lerangis
Percy Jackson meets Indiana Jones in the New York Times bestselling epic adventure Seven Wonders! The Colossus Rises is the first book in a seven-book series. This first installment chronicles the story of Jack McKinley, an ordinary kid with an extraordinary problem. In a few months, he’s going to die—unless he finds seven magic Loculi that have been hidden in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
Rick Riordan calls Seven Wonders “a high-octane mix of modern adventure and ancient secrets. The Colossus Rises is Lerangis’s most gripping work yet. Young readers will love this story. I can’t wait to see what’s next in the Seven Wonders series!”

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cover Reveal: Castle of Sighs by Jennifer Murgia

 Cover Reveal Day 
Castle of Sighs by Jennifer Murgia.

This is the sequel to Forest of Whispers, and another gem from Jennifer Murgia! 

(Release Date: September 15 from Spencer Hill Press)

Some secrets cannot be kept—in life or in death.

Months have passed since Rune has heard a single whisper from her long-dead mother, the great witch of Bavaria. But the absence of one evil has only made room for another.

After rightfully inheriting her ancestral home, Pyrmont Castle, Rune settles into a quiet life taking care of two orphans left in the wake of the terrible witch hunt that claimed dozens of lives in the nearby village. As the days grow colder, the castle’s secrets beckon and Rune finds herself roaming where no one has set foot in a long time. In the bowels of the fortress is a locked room full of memories that hang like cobwebs—shelves stacked with jars, strange specimens, putrid liquids, and scrolls of spells. Rune is undeniably drawn to what she finds there, and she begins to dabble in the possibilities of magic, hoping to find a cure for the strangeness overwhelming the castle.

As secrets unspool, the delicate thread of Rune’s world is threatened when she realizes the key may lie in the dark forest she once called home and the boy she thought she knew.

Jennifer Murgia has long loved the dark and speculative -- and it's from these dark places that she weaves fantastical stories, often hoping to find truth in them. Her Young Adult novels include the  Historical Fantasy FOREST OF WHISPERS (9/9/14 -- Spencer Hill Press), BETWEEN THESE LINES, ANGEL STAR, LEMNISCATE & THE BLISS. She is the co-founder and coordinator of YA FEST and currently resides in Pennsylvania and Marketing Director for Leap Books, LLC.
 Literary Representation:
Amanda Luedeke of MacGregor Literary Agency ~
Connect with Jennifer:
Jennifer is available for book signings, book fairs, interviews, library and school visits. Please contact
her directly for scheduling at:  
Publicity inquiries:

Sunday, February 15, 2015


It's Time to Angel Up!

This week, GRIFFIN RISING (first book in the series), will be on sale on Kindle for $1.99. And starting tomorrow, I will be giving away two copies of the print version on Goodreads. All Griffin, all week!

Recently optioned for film!